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For safe and timely delivery, we always communicate by phone with the recipient to confirm the order details, address, and time of receipt.


If the recipient does not wish to receive your gift, the amount can be credited to your next order or the gift can be sent to a new address.


If the order has been sent and the details are incorrect, our store is not responsible for any delivery delays of your order.


If we cannot find the recipient and there is a delay in the delivery of your order, you will be informed by phone about the status.


For major holidays like Saint John, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Saints Constantine and Helen, Saint Nicholas, Christmas, New Year, Saint Demetrius, for better and faster service, it would be best if your orders are placed 2-3 days in advance. The same applies to overseas and provincial areas. Orders placed on the same day may be executed the next day.


Order cancellations submitted for same-day execution are not accepted on the same day. If the sender does not wish to send the gift, the amount is not refunded; however, you can pick up your order from our store or have it delivered to a new address or at another time, with additional shipping charges, all following consultation with you.


In case of inability to execute your order due to weather conditions, strikes, or force majeure, you can request the modification or even cancellation of your order and the refund of your money.


Products may vary depending on the season and availability. If certain flowers - plants or the specific pot - basket, etc., are not available or if the color of the flower - plant you chose is out of stock, then it will be replaced with a similar kind.


Orders for abroad and provincial areas are not dispatched from our e-shop but by cooperating florists, and changes and modifications may occur depending on availability.


Contact us for your information.